Working with Candidates

Our Process

Pathfinder Alliances Career Guidance professionals collectively have years of extensive experience in career guidance and branding for business professionals. 

Our process focuses on specific individualized career management

Through our career management consulting service, our clients learn the daily, and long term methods, that enable them to stay in high performance mode, accomplish more with less effort, become emotionally connected with their personal mission in life, greatly improve their communication skills, and increase confidence and self-expression – all resulting in an enhanced professional image and greater enjoyment in their personal relationships.

Through a targeted career assessment process, we help individuals identify specifically where they are in their career cycle and guide them to explore the full range of their options in order to identify the correct path to choose at the current point in their career. 

It has been shown that careers move through identifiable cycles.

The Growth Stage: During this period an individual starts to develop a self-concept that identifies interest and a growing awareness of individual capacity and how it relates to the specific requirements of a job 

Exploration stage: an individual hones their self-concept more realistically and identifies vocational preferences, which may result in volunteering, and part-time or otherwise low-commitment work. If a particular choice turns out to be a poor fit, then they may pursue other interests.

Establishment stage: an individual endeavors to secure a position in a chosen field of work, establish his or herself, build good work relations, and pursue advancement opportunities.

Maintenance stage: involves a continuity of established work patterns and a preservation of one’s achievements. Workers in this stage typically break little new ground in their careers and may even plateau.

Disengagement stage: workers experience declining interest in their occupation and invest less and less energy into it. People over age 65 may mentally transition into retirement planning. For younger workers, however, this may be a point to reassess values and sources of satisfaction and re-launch a mini-career cycle by exploring interests that better align with their self-concept, which may have changed over time.

Our assessment process helps individuals clearly identify where they are specifically, allowing them clarity to pursue the most appropriate path at this time.

When your occupation is aligned with your self-concept you will be the most satisfied in your job. Acknowledging where you are in your career cycle allows you to purposefully move yourself into the next stage.

Career management is what most professionals invest the least amount of time and effort in during their business day, yet it is the central component to their potential success.

We take you beyond the short term and help you look at the bigger picture in terms of furthering your career, increasing you value, building your portfolio, and realizing your full professional and personal potential.

You would never think to set out on any other journey without an idea of your destination and at least some idea of how you’re going to get there. How you express yourself professionally and the passion you bring to realizing your own personal idea of success – this is the journey of your life.

We view ourselves as forward-thinking professionals who help you explore the full range of your available options and move into a place where you are building a deliberate and rewarding career plan.




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